General terms and conditions for membership contracts with Trybe Dance Studio

§ 1 scope
The general terms and conditions apply to all course and event locations of Trybe Dance Studios within the Federal Republic of Germany.


§ 2 Conclusion and duration of the contract
With the signing of the membership contract, a contract is concluded between Madeleine Schulze as operator of the Trybe Dance Studio and the contract partner (hereinafter: member). In the case of minors or minors, the registration must be signed by a legal guardian or legal representative. With his signature, he becomes a contractual partner of Trybe Dance Studios.

In this case, these general terms and conditions also apply to the minor.

The minimum contract term is six months; if the contract begins on the 15th of a month, it is 6.5 months. Thereafter, the contract is automatically considered to be concluded for an indefinite period.

§ 3 subject of the contract
The member undertakes to pay the course fees in full and in return is entitled to attend the booked courses. Special hours for appearances and shows, such as performances, are included in the price. Workshops and private lessons are not part of the contract.


§ 4 terms of payment
The course fee is payable monthly in advance by the first working day of each month.

If a contract start has been agreed on the 15th of a month, half the monthly contribution must be paid directly and then the full monthly contribution on the 1st of the month. The timeliness of the payment does not depend on the dispatch, but on the receipt of the money.

If payment is delayed, Trybe Dance Studio may charge a flat rate reminder fee of €5 for each written reminder. In addition, in the event of default, the member must pay interest of 5 percentage points above the base rate in the respective amount in addition to the course fees. Failure to take lessons (e.g. due to vacation) or discontinuation of the booked course does not release the member from paying the entire monthly course fee. The payment of vouchers is excluded.

The current course fees are listed in the corresponding contract and include taxes. Trybe Dance Studio is entitled to change the price. A price change must be announced to the member at least 3 months before its entry into force by means of a suitable notice in the school. If Trybe Dance Studio makes use of the right to increase the price, the member can give 14 days' notice to terminate at the end of the month in which the monthly fee has to be paid for the last time without increasing the price. An increase is permitted once a year and up to a maximum of 5% of the contribution to be increased.

§ 5 missed hours, illness and pregnancy
In the event of illness, there is no entitlement to reimbursement of the monthly contribution. Missed lessons can be made up within 4 weeks. The contract can only be paused for long-term illnesses from 6 weeks and for pregnancy on presentation of a medical certificate, as well as for professional or school reasons (e.g. temporarily changed working hours) if the interruption lasts more than two months and in writing by the employer or the School is proven, whereby the minimum contract term must be fulfilled.


§ 6 Vacation / school vacation time
Basically, there is continuous instruction, sometimes with combined courses, also held during the general school holidays. The Trybe Dance Studio is entitled to close for a maximum of 4 weeks in the calendar year, as well as on public holidays. During this time, the membership fees must continue to be paid and missed lessons can be made up within 4 weeks. The courses missed when the member is on vacation can be made up within 4 weeks. There is no entitlement to reimbursement or pause of the monthly contribution.

§ 7 Conditions of participation, course offer
If the member behaves inappropriately (e.g. due to drunkenness, insults, etc.),

Trybe Dance Studio can exclude him or her from further classes or offers without claiming reimbursement of course fees. If course fees are not paid, this constitutes a breach of contract. Malicious breaches of contract are reported. Members can choose from all courses with the agreed duration and are not bound to a specific course. Trybe Dance Studio is entitled to redefine the course offer at any time taking into account the interests of the members and is not bound to specific dance styles, lecturers and times.

The number of participants in each course is limited due to the size of the room and is at the discretion of the lecturers, choreographers or trainers. The instructions of the staff must be followed within the course rooms.

Accumulated catch-up hours must be reported to the Trybe Dance Studio by the last working day of the month in which the catch-up hours started, otherwise the catch-up hours will expire. Catch-up hours can be used within one month of the month in which the catch-up hours started. Unused catch-up hours then expire.

§ 8 termination
The member can give 6 weeks' notice to the end of each calendar month.

The earliest possible termination date is the expiry of the minimum contract term. The termination must be received in writing, by post or e-mail at the Trybe Dance Studio. The date of the postmark or the receipt confirmed at the Trybe Dance Studio counter is binding.

If the member is in arrears for three consecutive dates with the payment of the monthly fee or a not insignificant part or if the member is in arrears with the payment of the monthly fees in an amount that exceeds the amount in a period that extends over three months If monthly contributions for three months have been reached, the Trybe Dance Studio is entitled to extraordinary termination without notice. After the contract has ended, existing catch-up hours expire. The consent according to § 9 remains after the end of the contract.


§ 9 liability
The entire stay in the rooms and at events of the Trybe Dance Studio is at the member's own risk. No liability is accepted for personal injury or damage to property that is not caused by Trybe Dance Studio employees. No liability is assumed for the member's wardrobe or its other (value) objects etc.

§ 10 Use of content, film and photo recordings
Occasionally, film and photo recordings are made in the Trybe Dance Studio. The member agrees that film and photo recordings on which the member's portrait appears may be distributed and publicly displayed by the Trybe Dance Studio for advertising purposes, in particular on the Internet on the Trybe Dance Studio website, within the framework of Social media marketing, on flyers, advertising brochures, posters and comparable advertising media.

Should the member subsequently no longer consent to the use of his or her image and have no right of revocation or right to contest, Trybe Dance Studio may refrain from using the corresponding images out of goodwill, unless significant expenses were incurred as a result of the use of the images of failure to do so would be in vain. If another agreement has been made in individual contracts, this applies.


§ 11 final provisions
The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies exclusively to this contract and its implementation. Should any provision of this agreement be or become legally ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected. The ineffective clause is deemed to be replaced by a provision that comes as close as possible to the economic purpose of the ineffective clause. Changes or additions to the contract must be made in writing to be effective.