Trybe Dance Studio Team

Trybe Dance Studio was founded on November 1st, 2018 by us, Madeleine Schulze, Emanuele Bodo und Ece Cinar (left to right). But how did it come about?


In February 2017 Madeleine brought a new event format to Berlin, which was called "Diggs Deeper Berlin" and got to know Emanuele, who was one of the first participants of the event. He then joined Madeleine's team and together they organized this wonderful freestyle performance event every three months in Berlin for 1.5 years. Shortly after Emanuele joined the team, the team became complete with Ece and so the first form of our small dream team was created.


In April 2018, after we had organized many successful events as a team, we decided to take the next step to bring dance closer to people and to connect communities with each other and prepared for the takeover of a dance studio and thus the realization of a dream.


On November 1st, 2018 the time had finally come and we opened our beautiful studio together.

From the beginning, we have set ourselves the goal of building a community of like-minded people, which it is important to discover dance in a safe place and a home environment and to develop personally at your own pace. "A living room for the community", which is just as suitable for drinking coffee as it is for dancing.


In a world that is gradually digitizing, we would like to offer a small piece of earth where, thanks to our shared passion, we can get together with you.