Hip Hop

About the Program

Hip Hop Seeds is a 9 months full time dance education with a closed group of participants that focuses on Hip Hop dance styles, specifically on Hip Hop, House Dance, Breaking, Popping and Locking.

During the program you will learn the steps and foundations of these styles, as well as their common underlying principles and other complementary practices such as Hip Hop history, musical theory, health, performance, improvisation, and more.

Personal feedback will be given during the year.

The program values individuality, growth, physical and mental health as well as freedom of expression.


Classes are held in German and English. For the success of your education you should speak

at least one of those languages fluently.

How Does it Work?

The classes will take place in Trybe Dance Studio in Kurfürstenstr. 3A, 10785 Berlin, Germany.


The program starts on Friday the 1st of October 2021 (01.10.21)

and ends on Friday the 1st of July 2022 (01.07.22).

Classes are from Monday to Friday, starting at 9.00 AM and finishing at 3.00 PM.

The studio can be used after class until 4 PM if there are no activities during the week days.


Exception is made for October, all the school holidays from Berlin area for the school year 2021/22 will be respected. 

Who is the Program for?

We are looking for students who have a strong passion for dance and arts; and are motivated, hard working, humble, respectful, open to new ideas and who can work with a group.

Dance level required:

A minimum of 1 year of dance training

Minimum Age 18 Years Old

Any form of discrimination, hate or violence will not be tolerated and can result into the student’s expulsion.


Live Auditions in Berlin

Date 1 - 14.08.21 Application Deadline: 07.08.21

Date 2 - 04.09.21 Application Deadline: 28.08.21

Audition fee: €20

Due to the pandemic restrictions we also offer video auditions in case you can't join live

Video Application Deadline 1: 15.08.21

Video Application Deadline 2: 05.09.21

More About the Program


The program is divided into three categories of classes:

(The classes will be explored within the Connective Schedule System)

Connective Schedule System (CSS)

The Connective Schedule System is a learning approach where  skills and knowledge are gradually developed in class.


For example, in the first month you will learn the sliding techniques from the principle “footwork”. This principle will be developed in the Style class, where you'll test different ways of incorporating that footwork into your dance vocabulary.


Throughout the program, teachers will be guiding, supporting and monitoring your progress.

There will be continuous feedback on how to improve; but most importantly, provide motivation and focus to reach your goals.   


Focusing on the foundations of Hip Hop and related dance styles.

The main subjects are Hip Hop, House Dance, Breaking, Popping and Locking. There will be workshops on other styles, such as Voguing, Waacking, Krump, Chicago Footwork, Lite Feet, Dancehall, and more.


This type of classes will focus on all the principles and techniques that are common to the Hip Hop dance styles. The main subjects are: grooves, footwork, animation, geometry and floorwork.

Complementary Practices